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How AI & Machine Learning can help the Aviation Industry
| Alp Alim

FORLOOP’s Director of Technology, Alp Alim talks a little bit about how AI & Machine Learning has helped the aviation industry.


What is AI & Machine Learning | Alp Alim

Popular terms which have been bandied around recently, FORLOOP’s Director of Technology, Alp Alim distinguishes the difference between AI & Machine Learning.


Predictive Analytics in the Airline Industry

Long gone are the days when computer systems existed for simply ‘processing data’ and automating manual tasks. Computers are harnessed at far more advanced levels these days. The plethora and complexity of information, ‘big data’, data mining, machine learning and business intelligence have all contributed to the growth of ‘predictive analytics’. Predictive analytics seeks to analyse current data to make predictions about future or unknown events. Such predictions allow organisations to shape business decisions, forecast trends and improve outcomes and performance.

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