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Why IT innovation is necessary for low cost airlines

On March 16, 1967 two men, an entrepreneur name Rollin King and a lawyer named Herb Kelleher started a tiny airline that would only fly within Texas using three 737s. Not flying out of Texas was a key strategy to avoid price controls and market regulations which applied to most other carriers and thereby allowed them to undercut their competitors. However their business model stretched far beyond routes. From inception, their strategy was to cut costs and increase efficiencies in any way possible. This allowed lower fares to be passed onto consumers. As it was decades before the possibility of IT innovation, this was the way of the ‘low cost’ airline revolution.

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Predictive Analytics to Build Customer loyalty

Loyalty, and loyalty programs in the airline industry are huge. In fact, there would be very few airlines in the world without a loyalty program When customers are faced with so many travel options, loyalty programs can often be the key differentiator for customer choice and retention. Continue Reading..


Predictive Analytics in the Airline Industry

Long gone are the days when computer systems existed for simply ‘processing data’ and automating manual tasks. Computers are harnessed at far more advanced levels these days. The plethora and complexity of information, ‘big data’, data mining, machine learning and business intelligence have all contributed to the growth of ‘predictive analytics’. Predictive analytics seeks to analyse current data to make predictions about future or unknown events. Such predictions allow organisations to shape business decisions, forecast trends and improve outcomes and performance.

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