Reliability Analytics System

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RAS – Reliability Analytics System

An analytics platform that enables users to obtain meaningful information from disparate data sources providing:

Report management

Track over 80 reliability areas. Easy inclusion of new reliability metrics as required. Key Reliability Areas might include – Alert Levels and Notices Component, Engine, APU and Brake Removals, Delay Rates and Comparisons, Engine Operations, ETOPS Operations, Major Defect Reports, MELs Raised and Rates, PIREP, CAREP and MAREP Tracking, Operational Reliability, Significant Event Tracking, Technical Incidents, World Fleet Comparisons, and more.

Data reporting Workflow

Forget about using spreadsheets and manually pulling data from multiple systems. Produce periodic and on demand reports for reliability departments, management and regulatory bodies using drag & drop.

Pick & Mix for complex analytics reporting

Use a centralised and shared platform for Reliability teams to explore data, track concerns, develop new metrics, formulate KPIs and include them in reports with minimal rework.