Using Aviation Data Better



What motivates us is helping airlines innovate using data, so that more people can afford to fly to the 4 corners of the world. There are many opportunities for airlines to lower costs and deliver better customer experiences through operational & process improvements. In return they can increase passenger confidence and build brand preference and loyalty. That's why our passion is to create innovative and intelligent software solutions and products that bring clever thinking into aviation. Our clients share this same passion with us and become trusted long term partners. We bring years of knowledge and experience in airline operations and aircraft maintenance processes. We work with subject matter experts to productise solutions that dramatically improve operational efficiency and make them available for the benefit of the wider aviation community.


Since 2000 FORLOOP have been innovating with software solutions in Australia and overseas. In 2007 we started working with successful low cost airlines and have never looked back. Today, C-level execs and Heads of Business Units talk to us about their strategies and outcomes they need to achieve. Our approach is simple: Start with the end in mind. Understand the opportunity. Process information and seek to comprehend. Design creative strategies and deliver innovative fit for purpose solutions. Maintain a creative and dynamic way of doing business. Deliver measurable improvements across multiple business units. Repeat. Our success is measured by delivering successful outcomes and how well we grow and maintain long lasting relationships.






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Using Data Better

Most innovative solutions and operational problems can be solved with the better use of data.  Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics are the enablers. By removing the reliance of manual processes and spreadsheets, an airline can take full advantage of AI and ML. Machine learning looks for patterns in activities, and predicts what will happen next. So rather than respond to each incident manually, the machine prompts the user and asks them “do you want me to do this?”. Now that’s smart. Improving airline operations, and becoming more efficient and quicker to respond. Make better decisions to delight your customers.

You have the data, we have the methodology

Now is the time to use AI & ML in innovative ways to scale up operations and soar. It’s time to embrace the future. Are you ready for take off?

    • A smart system to help your planners and ground staff work collaboratively and efficiently to manage maintenance needs across ports in one place. 


    • An automated and intelligent solution to detect and manage your warranty claims process end-to-end for your entire fleet.


    • An intelligent solution to manage loadable software for all NEXT GENERATION aircraft models


    • We are good problem hunters and help find or create high value solutions that deliver measurable benefits. We implement the roadmaps to deliver and maintain the solutions we propose 

    Aviation Solution Consulting

    • Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning applications uncovering information in your data, leading to new insights opportunities 

    Data Analytics / Machine Learning

    • An analytics platform that enables users to obtain meaningful information from disparate data sources providing:



We work with subject matter experts to productise AI & Machine Learning solutions that dramatically improve operational efficiency and make them available for the benefit of the wider commercial aviation community.

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Predictive Analytics in the Airline Industry

Long gone are the days when computer systems existed for simply ‘processing data’ and automating manual tasks. Computers are harnessed at far more advanced levels these days. The plethora and complexity of information, ‘big data’, data mining, machine learning and business intelligence have all contributed to the growth of ‘predictive analytics’. Predictive analytics seeks to analyse current data to make predictions about future or unknown events. Such predictions allow organisations to shape business decisions, forecast trends and improve outcomes and performance.

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