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FORLOOP is scaling up its Hawthorn HQ! If you want to work for a growing, innovative and progressive technology company that is building data based solutions for the operations and maintenance areas of commercial aviation, then FORLOOP is for you.

At FORLOOP we are at the leading edge of AI, predictive analytics and machine learning. We have been building solutions since 1999. We need progressive thinkers who are problem solvers and critical thinkers! We need skills for solving real life problems involving data from local and global airlines, their suppliers, and the larger aviation ecosystem. But we also need team players. Our team is small and agile, which is how we get a lot done. While we all have specific job roles, we are also flexible depending on the client and project.

FORLOOP is well known in the commercial aviation community as the provider of comprehensive predictive analytics platforms and solutions. We offer many opportunities… so come join us!


If you’re like us, you are probably someone who needs to work to ebb and flow. Getting stuck into a problem and finding a solution isn’t something that is always 9-5. Some of your finest work might be when the office is quiet from distractions, and you can really get immersed in finding a solution.

We offer non-standard benefits to our employees such as flexible working hours & holidays, team lunches, and bonuses. Our office space is an old warehouse where creativity and innovation are allowed to soar. Your ideas will be heard - in fact one of our flagships products came out of an internal idea which grew thanks to free roaming R&D time. Be warned though: you will be working with a very creative multicultural and mixed team - a great foundation to serve the aviation industry around the globe!


We are looking for:

Python Developers
Java Developers
REACT Developers
Data Analysts
Project Managers
Business & System Analysts
Aviation Product Specialists

A Masters or PHD degree will be highly regarded

If this sounds like you then send us:

- a cover letter highlighting relevant skills; and

- your resume, highlighting your creativity and experience solving real world problems


Currently hiring!

Java & Python Developers