Clients who seek to work with FORLOOP, are typically ones that are looking for a long-term business relationship, based on a deep sense of mutual respect and understanding.

In a commercial sense it’s about what’s best for the initiative, so both the client and FORLOOP are aligned and making decisions together towards achieving the best result. Where we believe the initiative is better served elsewhere, we will advise you.

Our clients success is contingent on our ability to understand & deliver to their objectives and requirements. Therefore, client engagement and support is instrumental for us to be able to deliver ongoing value. Coupled with this, a creative and innovative approach to commercial models is integral to the realization and longevity of benefits for the partnership.

FORLOOP is flexible and can adapt to the budgetary needs of our clients. We have worked under a myriad of commercial arrangements from fixed cost, through to profit share. By tapping into our onshore & offshore teams, we can propose alternatives to ensure the partnership is consistently realizing value.

We are passionate about building partnership-based relationships and are truly committed to seeing it fuel the growth of your organization.


Business is all about people, and business success relies on expertise, process and engagement. In our view, the most important of these is engagement.

Our principles of engagement reflect our culture and the way we do our work, and is based on:

• clear understanding of accountabilities & responsibilities
• careful management of stakeholder / client expectations
• fit-for-purpose team according to client & project needs
• willingness to work with mixed teams (clients / supplier / staff)
• open-door culture to make us easily available and accessible
• ability to communicate equally well at the Executive & Project / Technical level

Clients benefit from this approach because we apply this attitude consistently and embue everything we do for our clients. Behaviour imitates behavior, leadership through behaviour and this creates collaborative environments…You may have the best technology, process, knowledge, expertise and people, but without the right kind of engagement your solution will fail.

At FORLOOP we are down-to earth, pragmatic and adopt a can-do attitude that promotes open & transparent communication between all parties. We are with you every step of the way, and our accountability is your success.


Solution Partners

Overtime, FORLOOP has built solid relationships with a small number of specialist partners who work with FORLOOP to deliver solutions / value to clients. These include:

Service Delivery partners – Srinsoft: specialist software development, support & maintenance team based in India.

red hat

Technology Partners – Red Hat: leader in the provision of open-source software including enterprise grade operating system and middleware / integration platform.

Industry Partners – ARINC: worldwide leader & provider of aviation industry services.

Network of trusted advisors & consultants – Forloop has a healthy circle of specialist consultants and advisors both locally and overseas who assist on the delivery of services, on an “as need” basis.

Clients benefit from a wide network of specialists to deliver solutions and services in a cost-effective and high-value manner.

“The stability and longevity FORLOOP has provided to Australia's most successful low cost airline with Red Hat's open source software solutions demonstrates their commitment and capabilities to their customers. FORLOOP helped the airline overcome potential challenges from multi-faceted operations with Red Hat JBoss Fuse as an integration hub running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux to ensure their customer's continued success and growth.”
Ben Henshall, Manager, Middleware Business Unit, Red Hat Australia, New Zealand.

Business Benefit Monitoring

The Business Benefit Monitoring phase is often neglected as part of the process, but at FORLOOP is a major focus for our consulting work.
Our primary focus begins with the end in mind. This means, establishing what the business benefits are (during the Business & Analysis phase) and measuring them at agreed intervals post implementation.

Successful Business Benefit Monitoring is underpinned by:

• setting tangible or measurable performance indicators for the solution
• undertaking periodic reviews on the business outcomes

The Business Benefit Monitoring phase provides clients with several benefits:

• ability to re-evaluate and be part of the continuous improvement

• ability to re-evaluate the solution
• the opportunity to review the performance of the partnership

While initially reducing cost is important, a long-term view of project value and business realization is becoming increasingly critical as the pace of technology escalates.

Technological know-how, leadership and expertise, such as FORLOOP's, will increasingly become a more valuable asset to business, and will reduce the likelihood of constant business investment & reinvestment, and cost wastage.

Business Benefit Monitoring provides clients with the confidence of knowing their investment has delivered the outcomes sought, and that the partnership with FORLOOP continues to perform and provide ongoing value for the business.

This activity is highly valuable in determining current and future Return on Investment, and can help with Business Cases for future technology improvements & investments.