Do you have an international presence?

Yes, FORLOOP have built a quality network of service partners spanning India, Europe and South America. In addition FORLOOP is also a key global Red Hat Partner providing specific Airline and Travel industry consulting expertise around the globe.

Do you align yourself with a particular technology?

We are product/technology agnostic. At FORLOOP our mission is to make high quality the mainstream, not the exception, and to make higher value solutions more accessible to more people. It’s about combining low cost cutting edge technology solutions with innovative solution design based on open source technologies, as long as business risk is mitigated. We don’t, however, align ourselves with a particular product because we believe business needs should determine the solution.

Do you support your solutions?

Yes, as true Integration Partners, and in the spirit of long-term partnership, we believe in taking responsibility for the complete lifecycle of a solution. And where required can provide ongoing 24/7 support.

Do you outsource?

Yes, we have partners in India, South America and Europe. We also have an eco-system of consulting associates across all delivery aspects around the world who help us innovate for our clients.

What level of budget are you used to and comfortable with?

Our focus is on enterprise level solutions so we’re used to working on large programs of work for multi-national organisations. We’ve managed total budgets up to $15 million, and individual projects and programs of work that have spanned over multiple years with up to $2-3 million dollars of investment. As integration partners, we’ve run major program of works for well known Australian brands with budgets of over $1million per annum.

How many people work for FORLOOP?

The collective team at FORLOOP is 16 full time consultants and can be readily scaled up to meet client needs by tapping into our global network of partners.

How many languages are spoken in your office?

As a true international partner, we speak 10 languages here at FORLOOP. English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, Turkish, Dutch, Russian, Swiss, German.