At FORLOOP we take our partnerships seriously. We are business enablers, innovation leaders and realisers of value.

Unlike many, our consulting includes support and maintenance of client work, which enables FORLOOP to work with clients and IT partners to continually innovate solutions driven by client experience and feedback. This gives FORLOOP a competitive position in the marketplace and enables us to leverage insights from customer experience and technology solutions for our clients.

This is the FORLOOP way – working with people and technology to deliver truly successful business improvements and transformation. We seek to grow and expand with our clients and to provide leadership to the industries and clients we work with. Our expertise in consulting, delivery, support and maintenance are all highly respected and valued as a continuous loop of expertise that doesn’t stop. We work to make all clients better at what they do, at whatever stage they’re at, and to ultimately provide “peace-of-mind” through major integrations and transformations.

Our clients are large-scale, complex organisations with high volume transactions across multiple internal and external information systems. A typical client is one that requires Business Consulting, Analysis and long-term programming work. This often involves business case formulation and analysis work; business process improvement and systems integration; PIP management, solution design & delivery management and testing.

Together with clients and IT partners, FORLOOP has the capacity to change the marketplace in a way that benefits all parties in the loop, most importantly, the end-user and client.

Leadership and Program Management
Business Analysis and recommendation
Project Management and Planning
enterprise and solution architecture
solution delivery
support and maintenance
Business benefit realisation